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Monday Make :: Chip & Charm Choker


Click the image for downloadable, printable PDF instructions to make the Chip & Charm Choker

Chokers are everywhere this year! Some are simple like our Pyrite Slice Choker and others are all dressed up and layered like the Charming Choker. Either way, you’ll find one that suits your sense of style. Teens and tweens love receiving and making personalized gifts, so gather a group to make your own gemstone chip & charm chokers.

You only need a few key items to make your own chip & charm choker. Find your favorite gemstone chips in the Bead Gallery aisle at your local Michaels Store and choose a few metal accent beads. Now comes the really fun part: you get to choose your charm. The Charm Gallery section is filled with gorgeous 14k gold plated charms, sterling silver plated charms, and we’re excited to introduce our new rose gold plated charms and pavé charms!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the Charm Gallery collection:

When choosing your charm, consider its meaning or significance. For example, the Eiffel Tower charm, passport charm, and London charm are great for the world traveller. Choose the doggie bowl charm, paw print charms, and bone charm for animal lovers. The lotus charm, Mala charm, and cross charm are perfect for those who are exploring spirituality. Mothers & grandmothers love remembrances of their sweet children like the tiny foot print charm, and any and all hearts.

The same goes for your choice of gemstone chips, which are steeped in meaning. Rose quartz is known as the “heart stone” and is effective in attracting love; lapis lazuli is known as a protective stone. Whether you believe in the lore of gemstones or not, the sentiment behind the legend is a way to make your jewelry more meaningful to you and those you make it for.

Let’s get this Monday Make started!


Thank you so much for visiting our blog for this week’s Monday Make! I hope you get out your beads and have a creative time of your own. If you liked this project, you’ll like these as well. Click the images to jump to the blog post about each specific project with complete instructions to make your own!


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