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Metro Metal DIY Jewelry Set

Metro Metal DIY Jewelry Set – With holidays are just around the corner, I am looking forward to the cool weather and the holiday celebrations.  I have often wondered what it would be like to have a “White Christmas.” Here in California we get excited if it rains.  So my inspiration for this week’s design is a light dusting of snow upon a glimmering city.

The Metro Metal Necklace was handcrafted using Bead Gallery® crystal quartz stone nuggets, pyrite nuggets 10x15mm stone, stone crystal quartz wands 14mm-25mm and silver iris glass 6/0 seed beads.

blank-bar2metro-metal-necklace-watermarkblank-bar2click-here-newblank-bar2Next, we have the “Metro Metal Bracelets“.  I love this project because it is perfect for the beginning beader.  Just string beads, form a knot, dab knot with super glue and the knot in the closest bead. These bracelets were handcrafted using Bead Gallery® crystal quartz stone nuggets, pyrite nuggets 10x15mm stonesilver iris glass 6/0 seed beads, silver iris hematite stone squares, hematite stone silver luster mix 3mm, crystal glass small oval faceted, crystal glass small rondelle faceted, glass rondelle crystal 3x4mm medium, silver iris glass tube 3x4mm, silver-plated metal thin rondelle, silver glass 3mm faceted rounds, grey glass small 2x3mm rondelle, crystal 3mm faceted AB glass, silver luster glass 2x3mm small rondelles, Charm Gallery® silver-plated rhinestone wing, feather, rhinestone crescent moon, arrow, moon/star, Thunderbird and leaf charms.


Our last project this DIY Saturday is the “Metro Metal Earrings“.  These edgy earrings are handcrafted using Bead Gallery® pyrite nuggets 10x15mm stone, stone crystal quartz wands 14mm-25mm and silver iris glass 6/0 seed beads.



About Denise Yezbak Moore

Denise Yezbak Moore, is a self-taught artisan who incorporates romantic, sophisticated and even whimsical overtones into her pieces. She enjoys dabbling in Art Clay Silver, resin and wirework. She is a member of the Halcraft Bead Team and is a certified Michaels jewelry instructor.