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Monday Make :: Sea Treasure Bracelet

Michelle Mach’s Sea Treasure Bracelet is filled with texture and movement, and it’s the perfect project to make in just an afternoon or evening.

All you need to know to make one is how to make a simple loop and tie an overhand knot.


Click for printable instructions and a complete materials list!

Each bead drop is made of beads from a 6mm Bead Gallery strands. Mix the different colors from your strands, and you get a really interesting play of colors; some are translucent, some are opaque, and there’s a variety of hues and shades. Next, add in the texture of the tiny bumpy spacer rings, and you’ve got a bracelet with movement and color you’re sure to love. Play around with other colors of 6mm beads and make Michelle’s Treasure Bracelet design your own!

The Sea Treasures bracelet may have the complicated look of a sea anemone or even tiny feet of a sea star, but it’s not hard to make. The three strands are connected by the larger tube beads which cover the knots of your cording.

To make your own Sea Treasure Bracelet you’ll need:



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