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Monday Make : : Word Bracelets

Monday Make : : Word Bracelets

Molly Schaller
molly 2 years ago

DIY Word Bracelets made with Bead Gallery beads available at Michaels; click for complete downloadable PDF instructions

It’s finally spring! Time to bare those arms and dress them up with fun, easy, colorful one-size-fits-all word bracelets!

These are great projects for tweens and teens to make. They’re easy to personalize, which I think is important when crafting with older kids. They often want to make something that is similar to the inspiration project, but has a custom twist of their own.

All of the bracelets in these images are made with the least expensive Bead Gallery beads available at Michaels, the ones strung on red tags. These often go on sale for 40% off, so they’re a great way to stretch your crafting budget. The other key players in this project are:

Stretch Cord

Stretch cord comes in a few sizes and colors. Choose the diameter that fits the holes of your beads.

Letter Beads

There are a few choices for letter beads. Whether you like metallic or white, Michaels has you covered.


Red tag beads are the most cost-effective of the Bead Gallery line, and there are tons of colors and types to choose from!





Let’s start this Monday Make!


Molly Schaller

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