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Monday Make :: Pyrite Slice Choker

Monday Make :: Pyrite Slice Choker

Molly Schaller
molly 2 years ago

Chokers are so much fun for summer. If you love leather and pyrite, the pyrite slice choker is the perfect necklace for you. Just for fun, we’ve got three different versions for you to choose from! Well, four if you count the original, which isn’t a necklace at all!


As I worked through designing this choker, a few different versions came to life. Have you ever had that experience? I found myself working with simple, basic materials I really liked, and I had a chance to play around a bit. Playing is when the magic happens! The first three versions of the Pyrite Choker are essentially the same piece styled differently. Let’s take a look!

The first version of the choker looked like this:


Yep, the first version was a wrap bracelet!


Click here for step-by-step images to show you how to make this version of the Pyrite Slab Choker

The second version of the pyrite slice choker is the bracelet, just wrapped around your neck three times and tied at the back–or maybe the side for something a little more flirty! It’s very easy to make and doesn’t use any findings. All you need to make this one is a piece of leather, a slice of pyrite, and a piece of wire to tie them together. It’s simple and easy, just like the best parts of summer should be.






Click here for printable PDF instructions to make your own Pyrite Slice Choker

The third version is the same as the first two, except you wrap once around your neck, cross the leather at the back, and tie at the front in a low overhand knot.

Click here for instructions to make the  Pyrite Slice Choker that works for the first three pieces.

The fourth version of the Pyrite Choker uses as few findings along with the three staples. PyriteSliceKnottedWeb

All you need to create this look for yourself is the following materials from your local Michaels Store:

You can find instructions to make the basic design here. If you want to go big and make the combo design, complete with an adjustable clasp at the back, read on!

Let’s get this Monday Make started!


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Molly Schaller

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