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Monday Make :: How to Make Lava Bead Diffuser Jewelry

When I first saw a display of lava beads at a national bead show, I was smitten.


You can make a variety of beautiful lava bead diffuser necklaces quickly and easily for personalized holiday gifts!

I loved the pock-marked surface, and I wanted to use them in my own jewelry as an interesting texture element. You can now purchase round, lentil, & star shaped lava beads in blue, black & brown at your local Michaels Store in the Bead Gallery aisle. (Look for more shapes as well as white lava beads in the spring!)

It wasn’t until recently I’d noticed people using the porous quality of lava beads to make jewelry that can be used as a diffuser for essential oils. You place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the beads in the morning when you get dressed and put on your jewelry. As you wear the jewelry, your body’s heat naturally activates the essential oil in your beads, so you get to enjoy the scent and healing properties of the essential oil all day long–as well as a great accessory!

Here are a few different ways to use the lava beads as diffusers in jewelry, all of which are great  gifts! Add a couple of different bottles of essential oils to the gift box, and you have a customizable gift anyone would love! Here are four different ways to use lava bead diffuser beads in your jewelry-making projects this season.

1. Lava Bead Diffuser Bar Necklace

Sometimes you just want to make a bunch of necklaces you’re sure will appeal to almost anyone. Enter the Lava Bead Diffuser Bar Necklace. All you need to make this is a pre-finished chain, a few lava rounds, and an eye pin. It’s minimal, sophisticated, and great for layering. To learn how to make a simple loop as in these necklaces, click here. 


Lava Bead Diffuser Bar Necklace

2. Gemstone & Lava Bead Healing Bracelets

Incorporate the power of gemstones with essential oils, and you’ve got a recipe for healing jewelry. These stretch bracelets do just that, and they’re easy to make; instructions to make stretch bracelets can be found with a visit to this blog post.

  • Amazonite is the stone of communication and is associated with the throat chakra.
  • Amethyst is said to reduce stress and aid in healing.
  • Rose quartz is the stone of universal love.

Amazonite, amethyst, and rose quartz lava bead diffuser bracelets


Sodalite, howlite, & imperial jasper lava bead diffuser bracelets

3. Lava Bead & Charm Personalized Necklaces


Charms are a great way to personalize lava diffuser bead necklaces.

Another way to use the lava beads to create quick and easy personalized gifts is to use charms that have meaning to each of the recipients. Choose her birthstone as the accent bead, or choose a starfish to remind her of her favorite bead vacation! For a slightly different variation of this design, use a connector (this dragonfly and infinity symbol are both beautiful) between the chain and the lava bead. The only technique you need to know to make these necklaces is how to make a simple loop.


Connectors are a great way to personalize as well as add interest to a lava diffuser bead necklace.

4. Lava Bead & Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

Use a pendant for a strong visual statement with the lava bead. Coordinating gemstones (the one on the left uses citrine nugget along with a large citrine pendant) add interest. Make a stack of a few lentil-shaped lava bead links that cascade to an aum pendant, perfect for the aspiring yogini! Amethyst is always popular, especially when it is flanked by an iridescent quartz pendant.


Use a pendant as the focal for a longer lava bead diffuser necklace. Click for printable PDF instructions to make your own!

Let’s get this Monday Make started!

You’ll need:


Thanks for visiting for today’s Monday Make! You can find more fun-to-make beaded gifts perfect for the holiday season here!









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