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Design on a Dime: A Christmas Wish Necklace

‘Tis the season for holiday gifting, and what could be better than the gift of hand-crafted jewelry?

christmas wish whiteLR

I decided to conduct a very scientific poll of several of my jewelry buddies, along with a few fairly obnoxious non-jewelry friends, asking what their Christmas wish would be if they could ask for anything. ANY. THING. The only restrictions were that they couldn’t ask for “Peace on Earth” because of course that would be everyone’s first wish, so that’s way too obvious and boring, and this isn’t the Miss America Pageant after all. Also off limits: wishing for (insert hated politician’s name here) to be eaten by sharks. Because, while that would indeed be awesome, no one wants to ruin Christmas with a bunch of unpleasant politics.

So, here are the responses, in no particular order:

“I’d like a big biker-chick cuff—something that Joan Jett herself would resort to fisticuffs to own. If it had a big spike in the middle that could be used to put out people’s eyes, that would be a plus.”

“To be the first female ‘Bond’ (Jean Bond). Also, I would very much like Dunkin’ Donuts to bring back Bismarks. The ones I am talking about. Not the other ones.”

“I would like an army of elves to come in and organize the heck out of my studio space so it is actually usable. Also, I wish to have Botticelli-style beauty come back into vogue. I would be the poster child for that.”

“A world without kale.”

“Three million dollars in cash, deposited into a numbered, Swiss bank account.”

Yup, I could totally get behind all of these wishes. (Except maybe the Bismarks that Jean Bond wants to bring back, because I don’t know which Bismarks she is actually talking about.) But since I don’t have the resources to grant any of these wishes, how about a festive holiday layering necklace that you can make for way less than three million dollars.*

OOOOOOH, Christmasy! (or, other festive holiday of your choice)

OOOOOOH, Christmasy! (or, other festive holiday of your choice)

To make this necklace, I bought a trendy, yet classic, rose gold pendant (purchased for about $4.00 with an awesome 50% off Michael’s coupon), a strand of matching rose gold rounds (only $3.99) and a package of rose gold chain, (also $3.99). I supplemented this with some white pearls and a few silver crystals I already had in my stash, but you could easily substitute different accent beads here, in case you don’t have any pearls and/or crystals handy, which, really, you should, since pearls and/or crystals pretty much work with everything.

For the long necklace I didn’t bother with a clasp, since you can easily slip it over your head. Obviously, the shorter necklace does need a clasp, unless you happen to have a head the size of an elf, in which case you have bigger problems than attaching a clasp.

Just click on the photo for a full set of instructions, which are totally FREE! Consider it my Christmas gift to all of you.**

*Personal note to The Cowboy: No, I am not giving you three million dollars, and don’t ask again.

**Of course, it’s my job to do this blog post every month, (even at Christmas time) so you would have gotten free instructions anyway.

Erin Strother

About Erin Strother

Erin Strother is a full-time graphic designer with an obsession for jewelry design living in southern California with her long-suffering husband George and their disobedient dog Swiffer. She has won 6 Pulitzer prizes, an Academy Award for “Best Virtual Sound Editing,” $4 in the California State Lottery, and other prizes too numerous to mention. She is currently working on her first novel, “The Summoning Circle.” (Really!) See more of her work at http://www.studioEgraphics.com and http://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioEgallery.



  1. jean baldridge yates December 17, 2015

    Really chic, pretty necklace I would love to make and own! What a cool design, Erin!
    Happy Holidays!
    Jean xox

    1. Erin Strother
      Erin Strother December 18, 2015

      Thanks, Jeannie Belle! (Or should I say, “Bond. Jean Bond.”)