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Five Top Beading Wire Finishing Techniques!

Five Top Beading Wire Finishing Techniques!

Molly Schaller
molly 3 years ago
Get them all here!

Get all five of the best finishing techniques here!

Last year we did a series that featured how to finish flexible beading wire, but with the new year starting and all of our new fans, we thought it’d be a good idea to pop them all into one post for your quick and easy reference.

Each of these beading wire finishing techniques have their strengths, so look through the tutorials, give a few a try, and let us know which is your favorite (click on the links for information on each finding or to find where you can get these findings online; all of the projects use Beadalon’s .018″ flexible beading wire, one of our personal favorites):

  1. Beadalon’s Scrimp Finding
  2. Beadalon’s EZ-Crimp Finding
  3. Beadalon’s Crimp Tube & Crimp Cover
  4. Clamshell (bead tip)
  5. Foldover End Finding

1. Beadalon’s Scrimp Finding

Beadalon's Scrimp Finding

2. Beadalon’s EZ-Crimp Finding

Beadalon's EZ Crimp Finding

3. Beadalon’s Crimp Finding


4. Clamshell or Bead Tip Finding


5. Foldover Finding



Molly Schaller

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  1. Patty Brown January 28, 2015

    What a great help! Didn’t realize there were so many options. Love the Scripps and clam shell! Thanks!

  2. wanda hudson January 29, 2015