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Rainbow Loom and Bead Gallery Beads Rainbow Bracelet Photo Tutorial

Rainbow Loom and Bead Gallery Beads Rainbow Bracelet Photo Tutorial

Molly Schaller
molly 4 years ago


Make your own Rainbow Bead Bracelet with Molly Schaller using step by step photo instructions!

full rainbowRating: Easy                        Time to Make It: 30 minutes


10288388        Bead Gallery® red large acrylic rondelles

10288382        Bead Gallery® amber large acrylic rondelles

10288383        Bead Gallery® aqua large acrylic rondelles

10288386        Bead Gallery® blue large acrylic rondelles

10288387        Bead Gallery® amethyst large acrylic rondelles

Rainbow Loom® mixed bands

1 2-inch head pin


Rainbow Loom and tool

Head pin band pull tool

Wire cutters

Chain-nose pliers



To make band pull tool

  1. Trim off the head of a head pin using wire cutters. DSC00937
  2. Bend the wire in approximately half with your fingers.DSC00938
  3. Use chain-nose pliers to finish folding to create a very tight V shape.DSC00939
  4. To use the band pull tool, thread a band between the arms of the V. Don’t worry if the two ends don’t meet exactly. If they’re uneven it’s easier to get the band between them. DSC00944
  5.  Thread the wire through a bead, pulling it out the other side, but leaving the band inside the bead. Slide the tool off the bead. DSC00945DSC00946


To create the Rainbow Bracelet

  1. Trim the ends off of the five different strands of beads. Arrange the beads in rainbow order. You will use a few beads from each strand. 15 beads make an average sized bracelet. The bands stretch to make it almost one-size-fits-all.DSC00943
  2. Use the band pull tool you made to thread similar colored bands through each of the beads you just arranged.DSC00948
  3. Use a red band to begin. Make a figure 8 shape out of the band and place it onto two pegs of the Rainbow Loom. (It doesn’t matter which two pegs you use, but they must be next to each other.)DSC00952
  4. Place another red band on the same two pegs but above the twisted band. Place one more red band above the previous one so that there are three red bands on the pegs. DSC00954
  5. Use the hook to pull the bottom right twisted band up and over the right peg. DSC00955
  6. Use the hook tool to pull the left bottom twisted band up and over the left peg.DSC00958
  7. Place the first bead band on the loom.DSC00960
  8. Pull the right bottom band up and over the peg so that it sits next to the bead.DSC00962
  9. Pull the left bottom band over the left peg so that it sits on the left side of the bead. Pull the bottom band to ensure the beads and bands line up correctly.DSC00964
  10. Place a plain band on the pegs over the bead. DSC00965
  11. Use the hook to pull the bottom right and left bands up and over the pegs. DSC00966
  12. Pull the bottom band to get the bead to pop into place between the bands. DSC00967
  13. Continue in this manner, alternating the bead bands and the plain bands, pulling each one as you go and using coordinating colored bands as the colors of beads change until you get to the end of the beads you laid out. DSC00969DSC00970DSC00971
  14. After you’ve gotten to the last of your 15 beads, add one more plain band to the end of your chain of bands and beads. DSC00972
  15. Pull the bottom bands over the final plain band. DSC00973
  16. Repeat so that there is only one band on the pegs. DSC00975
  17. Use the hook tool to remove the bands from the pegs and keep the bands from popping off the beads. DSC00978
  18. Place the plastic c-clip on this end of the bracelet. DSC00979
  19. Attach the other end of the bracelet to the c-clip and enjoy wearing your Rainbow Bracelet!DSC00980


Molly Schaller

About Molly Schaller

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family of creative kids and her handy husband. She's always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!



    1. Cheryl Geiger November 5, 2013

      I LOVE this bracelet and made several versions of it. I went to buy more rondells and discovered that Michaels placed them on their 40% off rack and now are no longer available! I was no disappointed. Please encourage Michaels to restock these beads as I cannot duplicate the look of this bracelet with any other bead.
      Thanks so much.

      1. molly
        molly November 5, 2013

        Hello! I’m so happy you liked this bracelet. I found it to be such a great design that I made up a bunch of different versions, too! These beads are still in Michaels Stores–they’re on the end cap, which is the short “end” of the Bead Gallery row that in the Michaels I visit faces a center aisle–but I know that when I tried to find some this past weekend, they were out of stock. This is likely due to the popularity of these beads and that pattern as well as the 50% off sale that was running last week. When I asked a Michaels employee about their availability she assured me that they’d have more of the beads in and stocked this week. Happy beading and Rainbow Looming!

    2. Cheryl Geiger November 5, 2013

      This bracelet is not difficult at all. Made one in less than 15 minutes.