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Pretty Palettes :: November Inspiration

Happy 1st Anniversary to the Pretty Palettes Challenge!

When I started doing the monthly Pretty Palettes Challenge, I wanted it to be a way for me to explore color and inspire others to do the same. I love color and it informs everything I do. Sometimes some colors are harder for me to work with than others, and I love to find a palette that combines colors in unexpected ways. I can’t believe that a whole year has flown by! So welcome to the 1st Anniversary celebration of the Pretty Palettes Challenge! 

In the spring of 2014, I decided that I wanted to expand the reach and select a Pretty Palettes Partner to play along with me. I sought out those designers that I knew that had a blog and would be fun to play with and sent them packets of free beads from the Michaels Bead Gallery line and challenged them to play along with me. I think that the results of this little experiment have been fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring. I hope you will continue to join me, and tell your friends about it, too!

I decided to go very traditional with this color palette for November. Instead of a host of colors there really is more of a monochromatic thing happening here with just that right pop of orange. Now, if you are like me, orange is not a color that you typically work into your usual palette. Don’t let that stop you! Orange is a vibrant color that comes in all sorts of tones!


Our November inspiration is the perfect shade for fall: ORANGE! From Design Seeds http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/pumpkin-palette

There is a whole philosophy of color and the psychology surrounding them. Here is a little bit of what I found out about orange.

Orange is the color of adventure and social communication. It radiates energy, happiness and warmth. Orange is the perfect blend of the stimulating energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow.

Because orange is a happy color, it helps you stay afloat, uplifting your spirits. Orange is the color of optimism, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Orange is motivating and helps you to look to the brighter side of life.

If Orange were a person, she would be a risk-taking adventurer, extroverted communicator and happy to shine in the spotlight!

Our November bead palette!

Our November bead palette!

Here are the beads that I selected for this month, all available at Michaels:

59578 – Round orange dyed jade 6mm
99330 – Banded onyx faceted 14mm

97881 – Bronze plated beads and tassel (I would say more copper!)
56561 – Natural shell 11.5mm round lentils
– Black and white shell lentil
80347 – Hematite stone silver luster mix 3mm

But remember that you can select ANY BEADS that you like that will suit the color palette. Feel free to experiment! I love to see what beads YOU select!

My Pretty Palettes partner for November is Denise McCabeMiss Denise has a great sense of balance in her designs. Color, pattern, texture all play together marvelously in what she makes. I was smitten with her chevron necklace from October and would like to make one of my own! (See? I am paying attention and that is how I select future Pretty Palettes partners!) I am looking forward to seeing how this palette and these beads inspires Miss Denise!

If you would like to play along, you can get all these beads at your local Michaels in the Bead Gallery line, or use what you have on hand. They do not need to be the same ones I selected, just referencing the color palette inspiration. Feel free to substitute for beads that you like!

I am looking for a partner for December, January and February and it might just be you! If you are interested in playing along, select some beads to match the palette, create something, blog about it and join Denise and me here on November 26th for the reveal – just in time for some pumpkin pie!


Erin Prais-Hintz

About Erin Prais-Hintz

Erin is a color addict who designs one of a kind wearable works of art for her company Tesori Trovati Jewelry. No bead goes unloved in her studio. She loves to mix patterns and textures, colors and metals, simple beads with stunning art beads for looks that have wit, whimsy and tell your story. Follow her creative journey on her blog: http://treasures-found.blogspot.com or find her hand made treasures at www.tesoritrovati.com.



  1. Sarah Ostriyznick November 5, 2014

    I’m really loving this palette. Feels like fall!