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Pretty Palettes :: June 2017 Reveal

Pretty Palettes :: June 2017 Reveal

Molly Schaller
molly 7 months ago

Welcome to the Pretty Palettes June 2017 Reveal!

What a beautiful month June has been! Not too hot, with showers to keep the grass green and sunshine to keep me happy. I have absolutely loved this month–and the Pretty Palette I’ve been dreaming about.

Here is the June 2017 Pretty Palette inspiration image:

A stack of items I was taking out to my office inspired this month’s Pretty Palette!

And here are the Bead Gallery® beads I chose to use with the palette:

Totally southwestern hip, right?

If this is your first time visiting during the Pretty Palette reveal, let me share the rules. All you need to do to participate is make a piece of jewelry…

  • Using the colors in the Pretty Palette
  • Using Bead Gallery beads that are chosen (or those you have on hand)
  • Sharing it with the world at the end of this blog by posting your link

Here are links to the Bead Gallery beads used in the image:

  • Bead Gallery fire crackle agate 14mm lentils
  • Bead Gallery aqua painted glass mix
  • Bead Gallery 6mm white howlite rounds
  • Bead Gallery large silver plated saucer
  • Bead Gallery red dyed bamboo coral chips
  • Bead Gallery silver plated spacers
  • Bead Gallery cracked agate ovals

Now it’s time for the big June 2017 Reveal!

I must admit that there are times when it pays to be the author of the Pretty Palette post and have the opportunity to pick the beads and colors. This palette is totally within my comfort zone! I love the warm browns and the pops of coral, turquoise, & white. When I sat down to make a piece, this necklace came together almost without effort.

What I especially love about The Best Day Necklace is that it is a multi-strand necklace but that it lays on the neck and chest in a less than systematic, organized way. I like that the strands overlap and play well together without sitting in concentric lines. It makes the design a bit more fun and organic. The chunky nature of the ovals are perfect to place at the center of the necklace.

Click for printable pdf instructions to make your own Best Day Necklace!

Thanks for visiting to see what I made for this month’s Pretty Palette challenge. Now it’s time to show off your beading chops! You know the drill, just leave a link to your blog post, Instagram post, or other image showing your Pretty Palette piece! We love to celebrate YOU!

Molly Schaller

About Molly Schaller

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family of creative kids and her handy husband. She's always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!


  1. Sarah Baker June 28, 2017

    What a perfect summer necklace! Brown is the color I probably use least (read: never) in my designs, but I really love the agate ovals and how you used them. This whole piece looks flirty and screams summer fun!

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller July 3, 2017

      Sarah, thank you so much! I love using brown as a neutral. I hope you give it a try! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lorelei Eurto June 28, 2017

    What I like most about your necklace is those little pops of red between the agate beads- that was a brilliant decision! It really is so beautiful! I love little details like that!
    This was such a fun challenge – the colors right inside my wheelhouse as well. Bravo!

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller July 3, 2017

      Thank you, Lorelei! It’s those little things that give me a lot of joy when it comes to beading. Without the red pops, this necklace would have been interesting, but sort of “flat.” I love the pieces you made as well! I’m almost finished with July’s Pretty Palette inspiration. I hope you’ll love it!