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Pretty Palettes :: July Inspiration

Pretty Palettes :: July Inspiration

Erin Prais-Hintz
erin 2 years ago

On June 22nd there was a forecast that solar flares on the sun would produce some amazing nighttime light shows, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis (by the way, there is a similar phenomenon called the Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis that is visible in the Southern hemisphere). A popular local Central Wisconsin DJ and amazing photographer raced around those nights capturing some stunning photos of the show in our local area and posted them on his Facebook page. That prompted me to go searching for other photos of this phenomenon and landed me at Space.com.

On that site, they posted a video showing a 5-hour time lapse of the Northern Lights, which are the direct result of solar winds hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. This video consists of around 1,400 still frames that landscape photographer Mike Taylor captured between 10 p.m. EST on June 22, 2015, and 3 a.m. EST on June 23, 2015 at Moosehead Lake, Maine. The resulting video is stunning! Well worth a watch…or two or three!

For those that prefer a still shot with a palette, I found this one on Wikimedia in the Creative Commons image area from Norwegian photographer Frank Olsen that shows the impressive array of colors these flares emit.

The Aurora Borealis shimmers in the summer night sky in this picture from photographer Frank Olsen.

The Aurora Borealis shimmers in the summer night sky in this picture from photographer Frank Olsen.

The beads that I chose reflect the shimmering iridescence illuminating the dark night sky. I went with those that had an AB, or Aurora Borealis, finish on them, of course! I picked out a variety of shapes for interest and kept the palette dark so that the Aurora Borealis finish can be the star. But it wasn’t until I spotted the abalone shell pendant from the Bead Gallery line that I knew I had my design starter! Each one of these pendants is completely different because no two shells will be the same, just like the Aurora Borealis shots in different parts of the world will never be the same. Looks like the swirling colors in the night sky, don’t you think? I think that this set of beads is the perfect way to immortalize the awe-inspiring beauty of the summer night sky!

Inspired by the Northern Lights in the summer sky, these AB beads and pendant will bring your cosmic art to life!

Inspired by the Northern Lights in the summer sky, these AB beads and pendant will bring your cosmic art to life!

It was extremely hard to photograph these beads. The color shift in the AB finish and the natural abalone shell pendant are really gorgeous. You will just have to trust me that they represent the colors in the inspiration photo! There are so many AB finish beads to choose from at Michaels, in so many yummy colors that will all work with this month’s inspiration, so….happy hunting! But if you are looking for the same ones I will be working with, here they are:

Beads selected from Michaels L to R:

82875 – Hematite stone multi luster mix
81224 – Hematite stone sapphire luster rondelle
55369 – Jet 8mm beads AB glass
80151 – Aqua glass round 8mm
59515 – Abalone rectangle multi color pendant


My Pretty Palettes partner for July is the talented Linda Landig.

Miss Linda creates colorful jewelry pieces full of fun, and also makes a charming line of ceramic beads and components (check them out!). She writes for the Art Jewelry Elements blog as well as Earrings Everyday (I do, too!) and I am delighted that she will be my partner for July.

Blog: http://www.lindasbeadblog.com/
Website: www.LindaLandig.com

Looking forward to seeing what you create with this night sky Pretty Palettes inspiration on July 29th!

Erin Prais-Hintz

About Erin Prais-Hintz

Erin is a color addict who designs one of a kind wearable works of art for her company Tesori Trovati Jewelry. No bead goes unloved in her studio. She loves to mix patterns and textures, colors and metals, simple beads with stunning art beads for looks that have wit, whimsy and tell your story. Follow her creative journey on her blog: http://treasures-found.blogspot.com or find her hand made treasures at www.tesoritrovati.com.


  1. Linda Landig July 1, 2015

    What a gorgeous color palette! The aurora borealis is a wonderful inspiration. I can hardly wait to get creating! Thanks Erin & Halcraft.

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller July 1, 2015

      You’re welcome, Linda! Are you ready to play along? :)

    2. Erin Prais-Hintz
      Erin Prais-Hintz July 2, 2015

      So delighted to have you as my Pretty Palettes partner for July, Miss Linda! I knew you would love the inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Cathy Hatch July 2, 2015

    I LOVE this palette! And I often choose these very colors when designing! Can’t wait to work on my interpretation of these colors and send you the photo. I am an instructor at my local Micheal’s Store and I am excited to share this challenge with my students!

    1. Erin Prais-Hintz
      Erin Prais-Hintz July 2, 2015

      We are so glad to have you join in the fun, Miss Cathy!