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Pretty Palettes :: December Inspiration

Pretty Palettes :: December Inspiration

Erin Prais-Hintz
erin 3 years ago

Break out the bubbly! It’s time to party!

Let's party! Show off your New Years' style inspired by this festive tablescape.

Let’s party! Show off your New Years’ style inspired by this festive tablescape.

For the December Pretty Palettes Inspiration, I found this lovely New Year’s Eve elopement party photo shoot. I love the crisp geometric shapes balanced by the soft pastels of the floral decoration. You can’t go wrong with black and white and nothing is more classic than silver and gold. Don’t you just adore the disco balls inserted in the florals? Silver and gold are friends, I say, and you can’t help but be in the mood to party when they are around. I say mix all the metals! They are really more of a color anyway and neutral to boot, so they go with everything. Add in small touches of frosty pastel shades for an almost tone-on-tone palette. My goal this month: get everyone to mix their metals! Who’s with me?

Beads selected for the December Pretty Palettes challenge

Beads selected for the December Pretty Palettes challenge

Here are the beads that I selected for this month, all available at Michaels:

94726 – Amber/AB pyramid rhinestone sliders
91672 – black glass faceted large cube

97788 – silver plated carved diamond
92154 – hematite luster cube 4mm
– crystal faceted starfish

When you go into Michaels and find a bead strand that you LOVE and CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, and there is an awesome sale price…do you buy all the strands just because you don’t want anyone else to have them? Yea…. me, too! That is what happened with some of the beads for this month. From the picture collage I chose, I fell in love with the triangle shape. That is surprisingly harder to come by in beads than I thought! But when I saw these pyramid rhinestone sliders (and the color is a perfect mix of gold and silver, just not showing up as well in the picture), I had to have them! If there were more of them, I would have got them all. Next, I spotted the hematite cubes (and I did buy them all!). This picture does not show how SHINY they are! Alternating between silver and gold, this is exactly what I needed. I really want to encourage you to mix your metals this month! Metals are really just more of a color and there is nothing more classic than black and white and gold and silver. Think Great Gatsby! The black needed to be in a similar shape for me. Rounds would not have played as well with the other more angular beads, and this size was perfect to keep the scale interesting. I also like the juxtaposition of the silver diamonds. Same shape just turned on its side. The starfish? Well, they really are more like stars to me and it is supposed to be a party y’all!

My Pretty Palettes partner for December is Heidi Parviainen. Miss Heidi does wire working tutorials for the site WubbersU.com sponsored by Wubbers brand pliers (I love my one wee Wubber!). She recently started up a blog of her own and started participating in our monthly Pretty Palettes color challenges. I like the playfulness of her designs and the way she designs with the holidays in mind. Perfect for this month’s challenge because it is all about the biggest holiday party of them all!

I would love to see how you would ring in the new year with festive accessories inspired by this classic color palette. And I would love to see you mixing metals to get in the spirit of the season and ringing in a bright and happy 2015! If you would like to party with me, you can get all these beads at your local Michaels in the Bead Gallery line, or use what you have on hand. They do not need to be the same ones I selected, just referencing the color palette inspiration. Feel free to substitute for beads that you like!

And I am looking for a partner for January, February and March and it might just be you! I find a lot of my partners from those that post on the hop, so come along and play! (Note: Must have a blog to participate as a partner. If you don’t have one, it is easy to get one! Try Blogger.) If you are interested in joining in the fun, select some beads to match the palette, create something, blog about it and join me here on December 31st for the reveal – noisemakers and champagne optional!

Erin Prais-Hintz

About Erin Prais-Hintz

Erin is a color addict who designs one of a kind wearable works of art for her company Tesori Trovati Jewelry. No bead goes unloved in her studio. She loves to mix patterns and textures, colors and metals, simple beads with stunning art beads for looks that have wit, whimsy and tell your story. Follow her creative journey on her blog: http://treasures-found.blogspot.com or find her hand made treasures at www.tesoritrovati.com.



  1. Heidi Parviainen December 4, 2014

    Thank you for the invite, Erin! I can’t wait to get started. I love the bead assortment you have chosen.

  2. Christie M/Charis Designs December 5, 2014

    argh- can you delete this entry- somehow it filled in the wrong blogger address- I’m posting a new one

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller December 5, 2014

      Did I take care of it, Christie? Another trip to Michaels is definitely in order! :)

  3. Christie M/Charis Designs December 5, 2014

    Okay, this sounds like fun! And since I’m a fan of Heidi’s, I can’t wait to see what she (and you) creates :) Sounds like a(nother) trip to Michaels is in order!

    1. Heidi Parviainen December 5, 2014

      Woohoo Christie! Come join the party and bring your friends!

  4. Elsie Deliz-Fonseca December 14, 2014

    Hi Molly and Erin I would love to join ”Pretty Palletes” December inspiration”. Is it to late ?

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller December 15, 2014

      Not at all, Elsie! The December reveal will be on New Year’s Eve, 12/31! We would love to have you!!!

  5. Elsie Deliz-Fonseca December 14, 2014

    Hi Molly and Erin I would like to join ” Pretty Palettes December Inspiration” is it to late?