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Pretty Palettes :: August Inspiration

Hello Pretty Palette Peeps!

How is summer treating you?

One of the ways that I like to beat the heat and celebrate summer is by {over} indulging in the summer fruit bounty. From the homemade strawberry shortcakes at Belt’s our local mom-and-pop ice cream shop in June, to nectarines and cherries and watermelon and kiwi (have you ever had golden kiwi? Delicious!) and grapes…and everything in between. Fruit salad is my favorite thing! (And fruit pizza and fruit smoothies and fruit crumble…etc.) My husband came home from the family farm the other day with an ice cream bucket filled with about 27 blackberries. Slim pickings! Not ready for a full out excursion to harvest them, but those 27 were mighty tasty glimpses of what’s to come!

Blueberries are one of those fruits that I sort of neglect. I am a sucker for a juicy watermelon or a sweet orange and eat those every chance I get. I love fruit salad, especially if there is a rainbow involved. And you can’t have a rainbow without blue. I do love the color of blueberries punctuating the salad bowl. I am a bit picky on the taste of things, and I only like those that pop in my mouth (if they are even slightly soft I can’t eat them). The soft dusty covering makes them somehow more mysterious to me. The fact that they come pretty much ready to eat without having to cut, scoop or peel them is very appealing. They can readily be added to everything from yogurt to oatmeal to ice cream. They are so good for you. So I am trying to find ways to enjoy blueberries even more.

{ berry hues } image via: @djmight

{ berry hues } image via: @djmight

I found this picture on the site Design Seeds. Jessica Colaluca is a color guru and her site is filled with incredible inspiration. This was the inspiration for my Pretty Palettes bead palette.

So I went shopping at Michaels yesterday armed with my cell phone and this picture. There sure were a lot of options in the blue-to-green hues! Ultimately, I decided to stick with all the same blueberry-shape round beads. Sometimes limiting yourself to a particular shape can really be interesting.


Beads for the August Pretty Palettes challenge, left to right:

10428913 – bead gallery© silver plated stardust 6mm
10367572 – bead gallery© aqua glass mix round 6mm
10321746 – bead gallery© aqua glass painted round 8mm
10471461 – bead gallery© blue glass round 10mm
10401952 – bead gallery© semi precious amethyst round 6mm
10321745 – bead gallery© aqua glass opaque round 8mm

I am pleased to welcome jewelry component designer Janice Everett as my Pretty Palettes partner for August.
Janice is a lover of color like me and makes some really lovely  – and affordable – components to make your jewelry shine. Do check her out and send her some love!

Name: Janice Everett
Company: J-Lynn Jewels
Blog: http://jlynnjewels.blogspot.com/
Website: http://www.JLynnJewels.com

See you all on August 31st for our juicy reveal!

Erin Prais-Hintz

About Erin Prais-Hintz

Erin is a color addict who designs one of a kind wearable works of art for her company Tesori Trovati Jewelry. No bead goes unloved in her studio. She loves to mix patterns and textures, colors and metals, simple beads with stunning art beads for looks that have wit, whimsy and tell your story. Follow her creative journey on her blog: http://treasures-found.blogspot.com or find her hand made treasures at www.tesoritrovati.com.



  1. Alison Herrington August 4, 2016

    I already know what I am making!!!! I can’t wait to get started! Going to Micheals on my way to work tomorrow!