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Pretty Palettes :: August 2017 Reveal

Welcome to Halcraft’s August 2017 Reveal

Hello, hello, Pretty Palette challengers! I’m so glad you’ve arrived! I look forward to this day with you EVERY month.

The long days of summer have been getting shorter and shorter. The August Pretty Palette has an autumnal feel;  I’m really digging its subtle, sophisticated vibe.

The August 2017 Pretty Palette

Taking time to walk end enjoy Minnetrista’s Gardens is a favorite part of the farmer’s market experience.

The Beads

The beads I chose for this month’s blog hop are earthy and are made of quite a few varied materials:

  • Bead Gallery® 12mm rhodonite rounds
  • Bead Gallery® 8mm blue ceramic rounds
  • Bead Gallery® green coated seed beads
  • Bead Gallery® 8mm turquoise Czech glass rounds
  • Bead Gallery® 7mm wooden square beads
  • Bead Gallery® 6mm amber shell rondelles
  • Bead Gallery® large wooden rectangles
  • Bead Gallery®6mm gold luster hematite faceted rounds
  • Bead Gallery® gold hematite luster square rondelles*

*I added in this strand of beads. I needed some tiny sparking spacers between the darker wooden squares.

Loving these Bead Gallery beads in semi-precious stone, ceramic, glass, wood, and shell!

The Lily Pad Necklace!

Click for printable PDF instructions to make your own Lily Pad Necklace.

Unlike last month, where I had a specific design in mind when I sat down to make a piece, this month I went in an instinctual direction. I began by just snipping the end of each strand and laying the beads out on my bead board in a way that appealed to me. When making a necklace, it’s always good to start with the largest or heaviest beads near the bottom, so the rhodonite rounds went to the lower part of my bead board. They’re relatively heavy stone beads. The wooden rectangles aren’t physically heavy, but they are visually heavy, so I placed them among the rhodonite rounds. After futzing with them all, I decided to use just a few of the wooden rectangles and place them off center for added interest.

From here I knew I wanted something to hide exposed wire between all of those large beads. The shell rondelles were the perfect choice, and the color worked beautifully with the pink rhodonite. The rest of the beads practically strung themselves as I filled  the wires on on my bead board. I love the results so much that I just have to show you how it looks on.

I think I’ll wear this for a little while…

Now’s the fun part! You’ve seen what I made; here’s your chance to show me what you’ve made! Place a link to your August 2017 Pretty Palettes project right here. I love to celebrate YOU!

Molly Schaller

About Molly Schaller

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family of creative kids and her handy husband. She's always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!



  1. lorelei August 30, 2017

    I am in LOVE with your necklace Molly ! That is so beautiful, wearable- GORGEOUS!

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller August 30, 2017

      Thanks, Lorelei! I wore it all day yesterday and enjoyed the weight of it on my neck. I love how stones take on our body heat just a little bit and sort of become part of our “aura.” I wish I could keep it!

  2. Erin Strother
    Erin Strother August 30, 2017

    Totally diggin’ this one, Molly. Nice job!

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller August 30, 2017

      Thank you, Erin! This was a much faster make than I expected it to be. Isn’t it nice when it all just comes together? :)

  3. Terry Ricioli August 31, 2017

    Love your necklace, Molly! Looks great on you!

    1. Molly Schaller
      Molly Schaller September 4, 2017

      Thanks, Terry! It’s definitely a keeper. The colors go with so many of my clothes!

  4. Veralynne Malone August 31, 2017

    Love it. You definitely hit the challenge right on target! It is very reminiscent of the pond. Great job!

    http://www.veradesigns.blogspot. com

  5. Molly Schaller
    Molly Schaller September 4, 2017

    Thank you, Veralynne! Nature is my greatest inspiration. :)