Pretty Palettes :: February 2017 Inspiration

Welcome to the February 2017 Pretty Palette Challenge!

Feb Inspiration Image

In the February 2017 Pretty Palette, we get away to the beach!

February. Ugh. For me, it’s a month of yearning. February in Indiana is one of the cruelest months; it’s cold and dark after a couple of other cold, dark months. It’s when I start to imagine spring & the possibility of going outside without multiple layers of clothing. It’s when I daydream about blue waters and soft, warm sand. Whether or not you’re in a similar weather situation, I think you’ll love this month’s Pretty Palette!

A few years ago, I went on my first cruise. Just the immensity of the cruise ship took my breath away. When we departed from Port Canaveral, I felt my stomach lurch as I watched the coastline drift away from me. As a Midwesterner, I’d never experienced anything like it, and to be honest, I worried about what I’d gotten myself into!

When I woke up the next day, however, in the midst of turquoise blue water, I was hooked! 

I created this month’s Pretty Palette by jumping over to, where I turned the above photo into a custom color palette. It was so much fun, I made a bunch of palettes based on different images. In the end I settled on this one, based on the image at the top of this post, with warm blues, a cool green, and the neutral of warm, golden sand.

February 2017 Pretty Palette

Click the image to try for yourself.

Here’s how the Pretty Palette blog hop and challenge goes: You and other use the same palette as I do to create as many jewelry projects as you’d like.  I chose these Bead Gallery beads, which can be found at your local Michaels Store or ordered online by clicking on the links below. You’re more than welcome to use any of your favorite art beads and other beads you have in your stash that go with the Pretty Palette to create your own piece.

On the final Wednesday of the month (February 22, this month) we all post images of our creations, whether it is on our own blogs, Facebook, or Instagram. And you return to the blog to share your own creations with the rest of the Pretty Palettes crew by linking to the link up at the bottom of the post!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff; here are the February 2017 Pretty Palette beads:


February 2017 Pretty Palette beads are filled with the colors of the Caribbean ocean as well as the muted neutrals of warm sand that is perfect for burying your toes!

Links to the Bead Gallery from left to right:

Have a lovely February, hopefully with a bit more sunshine and warmth with hopes of a fabulous spring and spring break! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. See you back here on the 22nd!


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2 Responses to “Pretty Palettes :: February 2017 Inspiration”

  1. Aileen Goldstein says:

    Hi Molly! I love the beach and wait all year for summer to arrive to put my toes in the sand! I have made many bracelets with your turquoise, blue, green and sea shell beads with beach and shell inspired charms!

    • Hello, Aileen! I’m completely with you! Water vacations are my favorite, whether they’re to an ocean or a lake. There’s just something about the sand and the waves.

      Our sea and nautical charms would be perfect to incorporate into this challenge! Maybe I’ll post a few extra beads on Facebook!

      It’s so great to hear from you. Keep in touch & I’d love to see your creations!