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October’s Birthstone :: Jasper

October’s Birthstone :: Versatile Jasper

Welcome to this month’s birthstone feature! Let’s spice things up with a video of this month’s featured beads: jasper. Turn on the sound to enjoy one of my favorite summer and fall sounds here in Indiana, the call of the red-winged blackbird.

The traditional birthstone of October is the iridescent opal. The opal is known for its ever-shifting colors created by the layers of silica in its structure. Because opal is a precious gemstone, it’s out of many people’s budgets for jewelry design. But, as is the case with every month, October has a few alternative birthstones, which include pink tourmaline and–one of my favorites–jasper.

Jasper from the Halcraft Collection includes (from left to right) green, blue, & pink dyed imperial jasper, natural picture jasper, & Chinese jasper rounds.

There are so many beautiful varieties of jasper: ocean, picture, leopard skin, and dalmatian,  just to name a few. Here’s a little more about this versatile stone.

  • Color: An opaque chalcedony, usually red, yellow, brown, green, and multicolored that can be dyed to a rainbow of colors
  • Care: Mohs hardness of 6.5-7; wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to keep it clean
  • Meanings & Properties: Linked with the root chakra, jasper is a stone to keep one grounded and stable
  • Uses and Folklore: Known to clear creative block and enable one to tap in to one’s creative power

These rectangle slabs are so beautiful and show-stopping that they don’t need much from me to become statement necklaces. All I needed to do is string them with gold spacer beads and attach a chain and clasp for a quick and easy necklace that is just as easy to wear as it is to make. The matrix of veins that runs through the slabs gives so much interest to the beads. Just make sure to lay out your design ahead of time, comparing the length of the beads so that the longest beads are at the center front of the necklace and the shorter beads are out toward the sides.

Jasper Necklaces featuring Bead Gallery® beads from the Halcraft Collection. Click for printable instructions to make your own!

You’ll also find slab-style beads made out of other stones that would work perfectly with this design in the same aisle. Play around and enjoy the ease of creating personalized jewelry that fits your mood and style.

Click for links and instructions to make your own statement necklaces.


Don’t forget that next week is the final Wednesday of the month, making it Pretty Palette reveal day! I’ve got my beads laid out and ready to design. Have you visited Michaels to see what inspires you? Visit the October Pretty Palettes inspiration post for information on how you can play along with us and thank you for stopping by!

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