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Monday Make :: Mixed Media Bracelets

We all love our favorites, whether we’re talking about a favorite movie, favorite food, or the favorite color that your best friend just painted her living room.

group stack

Learn to make these stacks of mixed media bracelets with real semi-precious gemstone Bead Gallery beads!

This week’s Monday Make features mixed media bracelets by Denise Moore, which are perfect to make and give as gifts. They’re each a little different, so you can focus on the recipient’s favorite color but mix up the beads! Each stack features one color family of Bead Gallery beads. You could mix and match them, but I just love how they look separated out into their individual colorways. Here are images of each set separately. Click on the image for directions specific to that set of bracelets, and as always on Mondays, you can use the step by step image tutorial for reference every step of the way.

Red Howlite stack

Click for red howlite stack instructions!

Pearl stack

Click for pearl stack instructions

Lapis:Agate stack

Click for lapis & agate stack instructions

jet stack

Click for jet stack instructions

aqua agate:turquoise stack

Click for turquoise & stack instructions

cherry quartz.jasperstack

Click for cherry quartz stack instructions

amethyst stack

Click for amethyst stack instructions







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