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Monday Make :: Flower Child Macramé Bracelets

Monday Make :: Flower Child Macramé Bracelets

Molly Schaller
molly 1 year ago

Macramé bracelets are old school, but Denise Yezbak Moore kicks it up a notch with her Flower Child macramé bracelets. Even your fashion-conscious teens and tweens will be begging to learn this classic knotting technique so they can make their own.

Flower child Bracelets Web

Click the image for printable PDF instructions for al three DIY Flower Child bracelets by Denise Yezbak Moore

You don’t have to use these ultra-cute rose connectors or these pink daisy connectors (though I love them!); anything with a loop on either side will make a pretty centerpiece for your macramé bracelets.

This Monday Make features connectors from our Bliss Beads line available at your local Jo-Ann’s fabric & craft store. They also look great with a short length of chain connected to either loop as shown in the bracelet on the right. Play around with the design, and make it your own!

To make your own Flower Child macramé bracelet, you’ll need:

You’ll also need a few basics you might find around the house: a tape measure or ruler, a clipboard, a document clip, & some nippers.

Let’s get this Monday Make started!



Molly Schaller

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