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July’s Birthstone :: The Magnificent Ruby

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July’s Birthstone :: The Magnificent Ruby

Molly Schaller
molly 5 months ago

The magnificent ruby: summer’s sweet heart

Welcome to this month’s birthstone project post! July’s birthstone is none other than the beautiful, bright red of the ruby.

The ruby is in the corundum family of stones. One other gemstone in this family is the sapphire. Other than the difference in color, there is not a strong distinction between the two. Chromium is the element present in the ruby that gives this variety of corundum its signature red; sapphires are colored by iron, titanium, copper, or magnesium and can be blue, yellow, purple, or green.

Ruby Facts:

  • Color: Rubies range in color from pink to orange-red to blood red that is nearly purple.
  • Care: Because rubies are among the hardest of gemstones, they’re perfect for rings and other jewelry that sometimes gets hard use. They can be cleaned using a damp cloth and warm, soapy water. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are usually safe for rubies as well.
  • Meanings & Properties: The ruby is often associated with strong emotions such as love, courage, and power.
  • Uses and Folklore: Some say the ruby ignites passion and inspires confidence. People in India believed that rubies enabled their owners to live in peace with their enemies. Early cultures treasured rubies for their color, as it was so similar to the color of the blood that ran through their veins, and they believed that rubies held the power of life.

Fun Fact: “Pigeon blood” is the term used to describe the color of the highest quality rubies.

The Bead Gallery line doesn’t include any ruby, but it does include some beautiful faceted glass beads with a magnificent ruby hue of red. The Red Hot Ruby Bracelet is a quick and easy project you can make today to celebrate the warm days of summer! Sparkle on with fabulous facets and a 14k gold plated sun charm!

Click for printable instructions to make your own Red Hot Ruby Bracelet

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