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February Birthstone Feature: Amethyst

February Birthstone Feature: Amethyst

Molly Schaller
molly 10 months ago

Amethyst, with it’s royal purple hues and fabulous crystalline formations, is the traditional February birthstone.


Tons of raw amethyst fill tents at the Tucson Gem shows.

Amethyst is the most highly valued of the quartz family and is used in jewelry raw as well as cut and polished. You can find a variety of amethyst rounds in the Bead Gallery®.


Raw amethyst beads have the typical 6-sided crystal form and range in color from pastel purple to darker violet.

Amethyst’s properties:

  • Color: pale pastel lavender to deep purple; opaque to transparent
  • Care: because heat and light can affect the color of the stone, store amethyst in a dark place
  • Meanings/Properties: meditation, peace, serenity, balance, courage & inner strength
  • Uses: fends off drunkenness, aids in the reduction of insomnia, arthritis and pain, & improves circulatory issues

I love the look of Y necklaces! Have you seen these on the red carpet lately? Y necklaces feature a strand of beads or tassels that flow from a necklace of a more modest length. You can make your own using amethyst rounds and some lightweight silver chain. The Amethyst Y Necklace is a 16″ necklace with a strand that hangs from the center that grazes the navel.

You can easily alter the design to use simple loops or plain wrapped loops instead of the decorative ones, but I love the look of Beadalon’s twisted German wire beside the amethyst beads.



Click the image for printable, downloadable PDF instructions for the Amethyst Y Necklace.


Click on these beads to see our black polished banded onyx rounds available at Michaels.


Click on these beads to go to our orange, black and amber colored onyx beads available at Michaels.

If you’re not that into amethyst (I know it’s hard to believe, but some people don’t love it), you have another February birthstone
option: glossy, banded onyx.

Onyx’s properties:

  • Color: usually black, often banded and can be found in grey and reddish varieties
  • Care: a fairly hard stone that is easy to care for & can be carved or cut
  • Meanings/Properties: brings spiritual inspiration, encourages new beginnings, helps release bad habits or negative relationships
  • Uses: helps to bring control over emotions

Click the image for printable PDF instructions to make the onyx stacking bracelet.

If onyx is more your thing, here’s a stacked onyx bracelet featuring some of our gorgeous polished onyx beads.

Thank you for visiting our blog for this month’s beautiful February birthstone feature! Come back again next month for a project featuring March’s birthstone: aquamarine.


Molly Schaller

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