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DIY Sea Breeze Jewelry Set

DIY Sea Breeze Jewelry Set – It has been unusually hot and humid here in Southern California.  The only relief from the heat is at the beach or in the air conditioning.  Many people head to the beach because temperatures along coast are cooler.  Why? Well, the warm air rises and the cooler coastal air moves in below it.  This is known as a “sea breeze” and is the inspiration for this weeks DIY project.

Our “Sea Breeze Necklaces” are perfect for the beginning beader who want to practice their crimping and simple looping skills.  These necklaces are handcrafted using Bead Gallery® glass aqua mix 6mm rounds, aqua glass 8/0 mixed seed beads and Czech aqua opaque table cut glass.

Next, we have the “Sea Breeze Bracelets“.  These beachy keen baubles feature our fabulous Charm Gallery® silver-plated dolphin, smiling sun, palm tree, fish, octopus, pineapple and lightning bolt charms.  The bracelets capture the essence of summer and are handcrafted using Bead Gallery®  glass aqua mix 6mm rounds which are separated into 7 different colors stories.

The last project for this week is the “Sea Breeze Earrings“.  I have to admit, I have a soft spot for anything with a lightning bolt (am I showing my age?).  These earrings are handcrafted using Bead Gallery® glass aqua mix 6mm rounds, aqua glass 8/0 mixed seed beads and Charm Gallery® silver-plated lightning bolt charms.


About Denise Yezbak Moore

Denise Yezbak Moore, is a self-taught artisan who incorporates romantic, sophisticated and even whimsical overtones into her pieces. She enjoys dabbling in Art Clay Silver, resin and wirework. She is a member of the Halcraft Bead Team and is a certified Michaels jewelry instructor.