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April Birthstone Feature: Diamond

April Birthstone Feature: Diamond

Molly Schaller
molly 8 months ago

Our April birthstone is none other than the super-cool, goes-with-everything, sparkles-like-crazy diamond.

And get this: according to the Gemological Institute of America, the diamond is 58 times harder than anything else in nature. Seriously? That’s some very tough stuff!

The diamond might be my new spirit stone: strong & beautiful!

A diamond’s structure is made up completely of carbon, just like graphite, but because they have very different formation processes and structure, you can write with one (good old No. 2 pencil!) and could hardly manage to scratch another. Here’s a little more about the sparkly stuff:

  • Color: highest quality diamonds are perfectly clear, but other colors exist
  • Care: store diamonds separately from other gemstones and jewelry because they’re so hard they can scratch other jewelry–and each other
  • Meanings/Properties: associated with love (which is why they’re often found in engagement rings), the name comes from the Greek word for invincible
  • Uses: often associated with clarity and spirituality as well as brain health and memory

Although the diamond comes from humble carbon, it’s not at all a thrifty material. One way to enjoy the sparkle of a diamond without breaking the bank is to choose faceted crystal beads.

Today’s project, the Triple Decadence necklace, features three different sizes of faceted crystal beads as well as pavé pendants and a sweet pavé arrow charm.

Click the image for complete instructions, including a materials list to make your own Triple Decadence Necklace

You could choose another pavé style Charm Gallery charm that perfectly suits your tastes and interests.

Thank you for visiting this month! Visit next month to learn more about the emerald, May’s birthstone.

Molly Schaller

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