Pretty Palettes :: April 2017 Reveal

Welcome to the April 2017 Reveal!

April 2017’s Pretty Palette

It’s so great to be back, Pretty Palette people! This month, our colors were decidedly springy. From pale mint green to lavender, this is a nearly pastel palette. I’m definitely not as used to working with this type of palette, but it felt so good to try out this color mix. Our inspiration image created by Heather Powers  is a botanical watercolor that she used in a fabric print contest. To learn more about our Pretty Palette inspiration, visit April Pretty Palette Inspiration.

Now, onto the beads! Here is the collection I put together inspired by the April Pretty Palette:

And…I’m proud to say that I used them all in this month’s Pretty Palette project. I did add a few more as I was working, especially when I made a pair of earrings to coordinate. I added:

I was a bit overwhelmed by the colors in this project, so I did as I sometimes do and started small. A pair of earrings came together using some silk cording for flowing tassels.

After finishing these earrings, I started to get a better feel for the colors and materials. The most challenging bead for me was the gorgeous shell teardrops. They’re so large and interesting I knew that they’d be a main visual component of my pieces. I didn’t want to make a simply strung collar necklace with them this time. Instead, I made a component out of two of them by wire wrapping them together in a sort of upside down heart shape that reminded me of maple leaf “spinners.”

I played around with these on my bead board and found that even with the larger rounds between these components, something was missing. I wanted more texture, and I had a lot more beads to use!

My final solution was to make beaded drops or tassels out of some of the smaller beads on head pins. From there on out, things just came together for the Hexagon Garden Necklace.


The Hexagon Garden Necklace by Molly Schaller – Click for complete printable instructions!

The large shells are the stars in this beautiful necklace punctuated with the dark teal of faceted lentils, minty green rounds, and raspberry cream rhodonite rounds.

Did you make a project for this month’s Pretty Palette blog hop? If so, please add your link here! I love to celebrate your creativity!

April Birthstone Feature: Diamond

Our April birthstone is none other than the super-cool, goes-with-everything, sparkles-like-crazy diamond.

And get this: according to the Gemological Institute of America, the diamond is 58 times harder than anything else in nature. Seriously? That’s some very tough stuff!

The diamond might be my new spirit stone: strong & beautiful!

A diamond’s structure is made up completely of carbon, just like graphite, but because they have very different formation processes and structure, you can write with one (good old No. 2 pencil!) and could hardly manage to scratch another. Here’s a little more about the sparkly stuff:

  • Color: highest quality diamonds are perfectly clear, but other colors exist
  • Care: store diamonds separately from other gemstones and jewelry because they’re so hard they can scratch other jewelry–and each other
  • Meanings/Properties: associated with love (which is why they’re often found in engagement rings), the name comes from the Greek word for invincible
  • Uses: often associated with clarity and spirituality as well as brain health and memory

Although the diamond comes from humble carbon, it’s not at all a thrifty material. One way to enjoy the sparkle of a diamond without breaking the bank is to choose faceted crystal beads. You can find many clear faceted crystal beads available at your local Michaels Store in the Bead Gallery aisle.

Today’s project, the Triple Decadence necklace, features three different sizes of faceted crystal beads as well as pavé pendants and a sweet pavé arrow charm.

Click the image for complete instructions, including a materials list to make your own Triple Decadence Necklace

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Cerulean DIY Jewelry Set

Cerulean DIY Jewelry Set – Spring is in full swing – Many of you maybe enjoying spring break and gearing up for the holiday weekend.  My inspiration for this weeks Cerulean DIY jewelry set was this amazing Bead Gallery® pendant.  Crystals, agate and druzy pendants are super trendy and are the perfect accompaniment to our beads.

The Cerulean Necklace is a long 24″ bauble that is perfect for the beginning beader.  It is handcrafted using Bead Gallery® quartz crystal point with rhinestones pendant, green glass cube/rondelle mix, blue glass faceted cube 5mm, hematite rondelle 3mm stone and blue druzy agate 10mm stone beads.  All Bead Gallery® beads and findings can be purchased online or at your local Michaels store. Click to read more Cerulean DIY Jewelry Set

Monday Make :: Leather & Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

Turquoise is one of my favorite bead materials, and I know I’m not alone.

Turquoise Bead Gallery® beads (whether they’re the color turquoise or the material turquoise) from Michaels are some of Halcraft’s best sellers. There’s just something hopeful about the turquoise color, a little more intense than the color of a robin’s egg.

This leather & turquoise wrap bracelet has a clever clasp!

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Pretty Palettes :: April 2017 Inspiration

April 2017 Inspiration

Halcraft’s Pretty Palette Blog Hop

Happy Spring, Pretty Palette people! Things here in the midwest are budding, blossoming, blowing, and bustling about!

The April 2017 Pretty Palette is inspired by the artwork of a very talented bead designer whose career as an artist and artisan I’ve enjoyed for the past 10 years! Heather Powers is the creative powerhouse of Humblebeads. She has been selling and making polymer beads for decades and has also written books that inspire others to create. She’s even taken her talent on the high seas organizing and teaching classes for the Bead Cruise!

Not only does Heather make some of the most gorgeous art beads you can imagine, but she also paints and does illustration work. Heather’s color and design sense always “pings” my mind. She knows how to mix colors and patterns in unexpected ways, and her designs both on paper and in beads seem to have a base in nature but also a whimsical, sometimes sentimental beauty I love.

Heather Powers’ handpainted design is the epitome of spring! Click to learn more about Heather and her artwork on her website.

Heather Powers’ entry in the Spoonflower’s hexagon-themed fabric design contest attracted my attention this month.

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