November’s Birthstone :: Citrine

November’s Birthstone :: Citrine Supreme

Welcome to this month’s birthstone feature! Today we’re celebrating the November birthdays, those sweet fall days filled with frosty mornings that melt into gusty, sunshine-drenched afternoons reminiscent of the glow in this month’s stone, citrine.

November’s traditional birthstone is topaz, which is available in a range of colors. Topaz’s traditional shade is golden, much like the honey glow of the month’s more affordable alternative birthstone, citrine, but it can also occur in pink, red, purple and blue hues. I used the alternative stone in this month’s birthstone project after falling in love with the color and texture of this natural citrine pendant.

This necklace features this month’s alternative birthstone in the golden natural citrine pendant. Click this image for printable pdf instructions with a full materials list.

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Thanksgiving DIY Jewelry Set

Thanksgiving DIY Jewelry Set – November is my favorite month of the year.  I love admiring the golden hues of fall and look forward to the holiday season.

My November project is a long, layered necklace geared toward the intermediate to advanced jewelry designer.  If you are a beginning designer that can form a simple loop, you could certainly create this necklace.  The “Thanksgiving Necklace” is handcrafted using the Halcraft Collection’s Bead Gallery® light amber swirl glass 6mm, amber coated glass rounds, green Czech 6mm faceted glass, Czech glass amber luster rondelles, light blue 6mm glass, Czech glass aqua squares, Czech glass fire polished 6mm gold, aqua opaque table cut glass, amber coasted glass faceted, leaf pendant and large oval aqua glass pendant.

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October 2017 Pretty Palettes Reveal

Welcome to the October 2017 Pretty Palettes reveal!

We’ve shifted from a warm and sunny week to an autumnal week, filled with scattered showers, and sun-laced moody clouds. It’s been a perfect change to get in the mood for this month’s Pretty Palette. Its coppery and black tones whisper the coming of Halloween!

Here are the Bead Gallery beads I’m working with for October’s Pretty Palette. Click to read more October 2017 Pretty Palettes Reveal

October’s Birthstone :: Jasper

October’s Birthstone :: Versatile Jasper

Welcome to this month’s birthstone feature! Let’s spice things up with a video of this month’s featured beads: jasper. Turn on the sound to enjoy one of my favorite summer and fall sounds here in Indiana, the call of the red-winged blackbird.

The traditional birthstone of October is the iridescent opal. The opal is known for its ever-shifting colors created by the layers of silica in its structure. Because opal is a precious gemstone, it’s out of many people’s budgets for jewelry design. But, as is the case with every month, October has a few alternative birthstones, which include pink tourmaline and–one of my favorites–jasper.

Jasper from the Halcraft Collection includes (from left to right) green, blue, & pink dyed imperial jasper, natural picture jasper, & Chinese jasper rounds.

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