July’s Birthstone :: The Magnificent Ruby

The magnificent ruby: summer’s sweet heart

Welcome to this month’s birthstone project post! July’s birthstone is none other than the beautiful, bright red of the ruby.

The ruby is in the corundum family of stones. One other gemstone in this family is the sapphire. Other than the difference in color, there is not a strong distinction between the two. Chromium is the element present in the ruby that gives this variety of corundum its signature red; sapphires are colored by iron, titanium, copper, or magnesium and can be blue, yellow, purple, or green. Click to read more July’s Birthstone :: The Magnificent Ruby

DIY Sea Breeze Jewelry Set

DIY Sea Breeze Jewelry Set – It has been unusually hot and humid here in Southern California.  The only relief from the heat is at the beach or in the air conditioning.  Many people head to the beach because temperatures along coast are cooler.  Why? Well, the warm air rises and the cooler coastal air moves in below it.  This is known as a “sea breeze” and is the inspiration for this weeks DIY project.

Our “Sea Breeze Necklaces” are perfect for the beginning beader who want to practice their crimping and simple looping skills.  These necklaces are handcrafted using Bead Gallery® glass aqua mix 6mm rounds, aqua glass 8/0 mixed seed beads and Czech aqua opaque table cut glass. All Bead Gallery® beads, pendants and findings can be purchased online or at your local Michaels store.

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Pretty Palettes :: July 2017 Inspiration

Welcome to the July 2017 Inspiration post!

When I think of July, I think of fun and carefree outdoor living. I think of ease and utility, of gracefully worn linen, crisp cotton shirts, and picnics with corn on the cob. July is also a month of celebration in my family, as my sister and father-in-law both celebrate their Leo birthdays. With this in mind, I wanted this month’s Pretty Palette to be a celebration of life and a vibrant and joyous explosion of color and pattern.

Which is why our inspiration this month is none other than the amazing design of Marimekko (which translates to “Mary’s dress”). This design, fabric, & clothing company was founded in 1951 using the fabric created at first by Printex, Viljo Ratia’s small Helsinki-based textile printing company.  Click to read more Pretty Palettes :: July 2017 Inspiration

June Birthstone Feature: Pearl

The Pearl, June’s Lustrous Birthstone

What is it about the lure of pearls?  Is it the nacre that practically glows against the skin? Is it that each natural pearl is a tiny miracle, the only gemstone made by a living creature? Whatever your reason for loving pearls, you’re not alone. Pearls have been cultivated and appreciated by humans since 2206 BC! Any way you look at them, pearls are classic, versatile gemstones that beg you to incorporate them into your jewelry-making routine.

A cultured pearl is created when an irritant such as a piece of shell is placed in a mollusk. The mollusk secretes nacre to cover the irritant and then a pearl is formed. A natural pearl is one in which the irritant finds its own way into the mollusk; the nacre secretion process is exactly the same!

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