Monday Make :: Verde Necklace

The Verde Necklace: a lush statement for May

Green is the color this month! May’s Pretty Palettes blog hop features various shades and hues–don’t forget that next Wednesday May 31st is the reveal! Last week’s birthstone feature highlighted emerald, May’s birthstone in the Evergreen Slip-On Necklace.

Verde Necklace

Click for full printable instructions to make your own Verde Necklace

To follow with the theme, I created the Verde Necklace, a perfect statement for the spring months and on into summer. It features Bead Gallery’s beautiful green quartz crystals along with a fun way to create an adjustable clasp with the leather cording.

All you need to create a Verde Necklace of your own is:

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May Birthstone Feature: Emerald

Emerald: May’s Green Goddess

Click for printable instructions to make your own Evergreen Slip On Necklace!

May is filled with green, both outdoors and in my beading studio! (Just check out this month’s Pretty Palette inspiration!) One of my favorite childhood books is The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy travels to the Emerald City to seek her way home and finds many friends–and some adversaries–along the way. Whether it was really green or just seemed that way because of the green-tinted glasses, I’ll always love imagining a city of verdant green filled with people wearing green hats and clothes.

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Willow DIY Jewelry Set

Willow DIY Jewelry Set – What inspires you as a jewelry designer?  Do you sketch out your designs, pick your color pallet or go off the latest trend?  My inspiration has always been the bead itself.  I love to see the colors and feel the strand in my hand.  When I was shopping this week for my project I came across these amazing bronze quartz sticks and I feel in love.  The Willow Necklace is perfect for summer but also can be worn into the fall.  This design is handcrafted using Bead Gallery® bronze luster crystal quartz stone sticks with bronze seed beads.  The leather strapping gives it the perfect rustic look.  All Bead Gallery® beads and findings can be purchased online or at your local Michaels store.

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Pretty Palettes :: May 2017 Inspiration

Welcome to Pretty Palettes May 2017 Inspiration!

First of all, thank you so much for playing along with me last week! To see the results of the April Pretty Palette blog hop, visit our April 2017 Pretty Palettes Pinterest board. What’s you’re favorite?

But let’s get back to May’s Pretty Palette. If this is your first time visiting the blog for Pretty Palettes, welcome! Here’s a little about Halcraft’s Pretty Palettes blog hop. On the first Wednesday of every month I host a blog hop inspired by an image to help jump start your creative juices. We all gather beads in the inspiration colors and create pieces of our own over the course of the month. You may use the same beads as I do from the Bead Gallery line available at Michaels, or you may use beads you have on hand. Feel free to supplement with art beads, your favorite wire work, or pendants. There really are no rules as long as you stick with the Pretty Palette colors.

On the final Wednesday of the month, I post my creation here. On that same day and throughout the week you’re invited to post your creation (or creations!) on your own blog, Instagram, or other form of social media. Visit the Halcraft blog and use the linkup at the end of the post to share your creation with the rest of the Pretty Palettes crew. We love to celebrate your work!

This year our May 2017 inspiration comes from a visit to a local greenhouse as well as the Pantone color of the year: Greenery.

The May 2017 inspiration image is made up of a collage of three plants I saw in a local green house:

I took myself on a date to the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse and found these beautiful succulents!

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