September’s Birthstone :: Sapphire

Sapphire, the symbol of royal love

Welcome to this month’s birthstone beading project post! Our love affair with sapphires has been going on for centuries, but it came to a pinnacle when Princess Diana accepted a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring from Great Britain’s Prince Charles. When Prince William gave the same ring to Catherine Middleton in 2010, the popularity of sapphires soared.

Here’s a little more information about this royal beauty:

  • Color: Sapphires are in the corundum family and are found in all colors of the rainbow in nature–excepting red, which is a ruby. Though they’re the rich blue gemstone variety.
  • Care: Sapphire ranks a 9 on the Mohs scale, making it a very durable gemstone. All it needs is an occasional warm soapy bath to stay clean and beautiful.
  • Meanings & Properties: loyalty, nobility, sincerity, & integrity.
  • Uses and Folklore: Sapphires were often worn by members of the clergy, as the royal blue color was associated with the deep blue of the heavens. The gemstone was also thought to attract heavenly blessings.

Fun Fact: A special orangy pink sapphire color is called padparadscha, which means “lotus flower” in Sinhalese, the language spoken in Sri Lanka. Stones from Sri Lanka were initially the only ones labeled with this marketable name. There’s no telling how many padparadschas have been sifted from Sri Lankan river gravel throughout history. Sri Lankans have a special affection for the color that’s traditionally been linked with their country.

The Gemological Institute of America

Because sapphires are a prized and expensive gemstone, I’m using beautiful alternatives in this month’s birthstone project. These Czech glass faceted rounds have a gorgeous blue hue reminiscent of the royal sapphire. Bead Gallery® faceted rondelles shine with an iridescent glow from a light aurora borealis coating. These strands are all perfectly sized to create a woven Sapphire Hues bracelet that is a breeze to make, but looks like it took all day!

Click for printable PDF instructions to make your own bluesy bracelet with Bead Gallery® beads available at Michaels.

The only skills you need to have in your beading tool belt to make a Sapphire Hues bracelet of your own are stringing and how to crimp a crimp tube, so grab your tools and have a blast making this sparkling bracelet to celebrate the September season!

If you need to create a longer or shorter bracelet (this one measures around 7.5″), you can either add a bit of chain before the clasp, add or remove a few of the beads from each strand, or use an adjustable clasp.

Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to visit again next week to see September’s Pretty Palettes reveal! For more information on how you can play along with me and the Halcraft team, read the September Pretty Palettes Inspiration blog post!







Autumn DIY Jewelry Set

Autumn DIY Jewelry Set – Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  I love sweater weather and look forward to the holiday seasons.  Now is the time I start to plan my handmade gifts for Christmas. I know it seems early but gift giving will be here before you know it.

Today, I have the perfect Autumn DIY Jewelry Set.  Let’s start with the Autumn Necklace. This necklace is created using the crimping method.  Although it is 5 strands, the necklace is 1 piece connected by a connector bar.  These lovely layers are handcrafted using Bead Gallery® Czech glass turquoise daggers, brown wood rondelles 4mm, Czech glass fire polished 6mm gold tone, aqua mix glass 6mm round, stain wood 8mm carved melon, Sedona gold tone druzy round beads and Czech glass turquoise 8mm.  All Bead Gallery® beads and findings can be purchased at your local Michaels store.

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Pretty Palettes :: September 2017 Inspiration

Welcome to the September 2017 Pretty Palettes inspiration post!

I’m so glad you’re here! Pull up a chair and read on to find out how you can play along with beaders from all over the country who love a bit of a challenge. Whether you have a blog, post on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, or just like to bead, the Pretty Palettes blog hop is a great way to lean in to fall and get your crafty going!

Our September 2017 Pretty Palette is based on another love of mine: knitting. I started knitting back when I was pregnant with my daughter, almost 16 years ago! She was just barely over 2 weeks overdue, and I needed a portable craft to work on while I waited, so my mother-in-law taught me to knit during one of her visits. Since then, I’ve knit quite a few baby sweaters, hats, scarves, and a few sweaters, but recently I’ve fallen in love with Andrea Mowry’s  knitting patterns that are based on a “fade” or a range of gradients. While I was trying to “find my fade” for the What the Fade Mystery Knit-a-long, this batch of yarns came together for me, and I thought to myself, “This fade would be so pretty in beads!” Click to read more Pretty Palettes :: September 2017 Inspiration

Pretty Palettes :: August 2017 Reveal

Welcome to Halcraft’s August 2017 Reveal

Hello, hello, Pretty Palette challengers! I’m so glad you’ve arrived! I look forward to this day with you EVERY month.

The long days of summer have been getting shorter and shorter. The August Pretty Palette has an autumnal feel;  I’m really digging its subtle, sophisticated vibe.

The August 2017 Pretty Palette

Taking time to walk end enjoy Minnetrista’s Gardens is a favorite part of the farmer’s market experience.

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Wednesday Make :: Back-To-School Teacher’s Keychain

Welcome to this week’s Make! It’s back to school time! I love to show appreciation toward the people who make a difference in kids’ lives everyday. Every teacher I know has a ton to juggle, and sometimes keys get in the way. Today you’ll learn how to make a great gift for your favorite teacher: a cute wristlet keychain to help her carry everything so she can ease into the year hands free!

You can make these back-to-school teacher’s keychains with Bead Gallery® beads in just about half an hour!

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