Peony Punch Cuff Project

Peony Punch Cuff Bracelet

Sparkle and color really stack up in this cleverly constructed cuff.

PDF Instructions for Peony Punch Cuff

10288412      2              Bead Gallery® 3mm gold rounds
10447908     1 strand  Bead Gallery® 4mm pink bamboo coral rounds
10321037     1 strand   Bead Gallery® 6mm orange quartzite rounds
10320760     1 strand   Bead Gallery® 8mm ruby quartzite round mix
10288507     1 strand   Bead Gallery® gold plated tubes
10242632     1 strand   Bead Gallery® gold plated saucers
10320724     1 strand   Bead Gallery® 4mm orange luster faceted rondelles
81600         1 strand  Bead Gallery® 2x6mm gold bali style spacers
10321930      1 strand  Bead Gallery® 10mm orange glass lentils
10288462      1 strand  Bead Gallery® 8mm pink luster mix faceted rounds
Beadalon® gold memory wire

Memory Wire cutters
Round-nose pliers

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Time: 1 hour


1. Cut 7 ½ loops of memory wire from the spool. Make a simple loop in one end using round-nose pliers.

2. String 1 3mm gold round and then one full loop of each of the listed beads. For the loop 10mm orange glass lentils, alternate the gold spacers with the glass lentils.

3. To finish, string one 3mm gold round and trim any excess wire with the memory wire cutters. Make a simple loop.