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About Halcraft

Halcraft USA is a premium bead supplier for artists and crafters alike. Our beads are available through crafting supply stores.

Our Mission

We know that passionate artists and crafters want to make and gift professional looking creations. So, our mission is simple:

  • Provide quality products at prices that are a great value
  • Work with manufacturers worldwide to ensure that the highest and most efficient production standards are met
  • Impress our customers with what they receive for their hard-earned money, and
  • Inspire the creativity of everyone who tries our products.

By sticking to this mission in everything we do, we have brought innovative and exciting products to the Arts and Crafts community for the past two decades and hope to be saying the same thing several decades from now.

Our History

Cliff and Josh Wallach from Halcraft

Cliff and Josh Wallach from Halcraft

Cliff Wallach and Josh Wallach, brothers and co-owners of Halcraft USA, have been working for decades to create the most beautiful and colorful glass, semi-precious, wood, and metal beads in the world. From Hong Kong to New Delhi and from Venice to Prague, they are discovering new technologies and recycling age-old designs in order to bring new, fun and exciting beads to market! Their passion for perfection and quality has forever changed the way Arts and Crafts Stores display and sell beads, bringing the best the world has to offer to every corner of the USA.