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  • Baroque Pearl Collar
  • Cobalt Flower Necklace
  • Pink Poinsettia Necklace
  • Crystal Queen Necklace
  • Feathered Sapphire Necklace
  • Turquoise Cabochon Necklace

Create an Impression with these Statement Necklaces!

Fall is all about making a statement and, with that in mind, designer Molly Schaller has created some incredible statement necklaces! Whether you’re spicing up a neutral outfit with a pop of color or want to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble, there’s something here for you! We’ve selected a few projects that you can create to accessorize fall neutrals and knee socks.

  • Accessorize your little black dress or your best business outfit with a touch of Bohemian elegance and romance with the Baroque Pearl Collar! Gold and pearls combine for a breath of Old World beauty.
  • Fall florals are rich and mysterious. The Cobalt Flower Necklace is deep and soulful, while the Pink Poinsettia Necklace is all burnished glory and blushing sweetness.
  • Autumn is a time of splendor and bounty, which is why we’re delighted to feature the Crystal Queen Necklace! A chunky chain bedecked in fine crystal, this is a necklace that isn’t afraid of it’s own strength—and it certainly does pack a wallop!
  • And just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite beachy brights. the Feathered Sapphire Necklace brings a touch of wild blue skies and combines it with snowy crystal feathers as summer transitions into fall. The Turquoise Cabochon Necklace is a breath of beach air and seashells on an autumn night (or a busy autumn work-day)!

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Featured DIY Projects

Dark Daisy Necklace made with Halcraft's Bead Gallery beads

Make a statement this autumn with our Fall Florals. Designed by Molly Schaller, these statement necklaces bring the sweetest flora and burnish them to a sultry autumnal glow. Glamorous without being gaudy, these necklaces change the way you think of fall flowers – check out the Dark Daisy Necklace (pictured above) or the Cornflower Necklace in our Beading Project Gallery for downloadable material lists and instructions.

Beading Tutorial

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