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    Anchored Bracelet
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    Tide Pool Necklace

Celebrate Spring with Shells and Other Sea Treasure Beads

Spring break has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean our dreams of long walks on sandy beaches have stopped. Wading into the salty water. Collecting shells on the beach. Building a fire for an old-fashioned clam bake. All of these are some of favorite beach activities. Several of our designers have created DIY jewelry projects that celebrate those days at the beach with our new sea and nautical themed beads.

  • Our cute silver-plated octopus pendant takes center stage in the Tide Pool Necklace from Erin Strother. Her coral sticks, fresh water pearls and silver-plated scallop-shaped beads evoke the salty breeze from the sea. Our octopus pendant does double duty as a focal point for Denise Yezbak Moore’s Miss Tentacles Bracelet.
  • More silver-plated sea creatures like scallops, sand dollars and fish appear in Erin Strother’s Beachy Keen necklace along with pretty beach glass beads and fresh water pearls. Denise uses silver tone starfish beads in her Shore Bracelet.
  • Turquoise. Sky blue. Aqua. Whatever your preferred variation of that color, it always represents summer to us. Barb Switzer combines turquoise howlite beads with with tiger eye rounds to create her Earth and Sky Necklace. Denise uses turquoise howlite rondelles and jasper stone rounds in her Rhapsody Earrings and Rhapsody Bracelet. Denise also features aqua glass in her Anchored Bracelet and her Sand and Sea Necklace.
  • Of course, pretty blues are not the only color of summer. Erin Prais-Hintz has a whole handful of fun summer colors in her versatile Island Confetti jewelry piece .. it’s a necklace AND a bracelet. Denise highlights sandy golds in her Hippie Shake Necklace with its amber glass beads. And Michelle Mach’s Metallic Magic Bracelet looks like its made of candy-coated Cherrios (ok, they’re really glass rondelle metallic rings, but the Cherrios idea is fun!)

Are you dreaming of summer? Share your creations on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

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