• Bridal_Bliss_Necklace
    Bridal Bliss Necklace
  • Crystal_Branches_Headpins
    Crystal Branches Headpins
  • Femme_Floral_Hairpiece
    Femme Floral Hair Piece
  • Happy_Tears_Earrings
    Happy Tears Earrings
  • Pearly_Girl_Bangles
    Pearly Girl Bangles

Attain Wedding Bliss by Creating the Perfect Jewelry and Accessories

When June rolls around, wedding season bursts into bloom. Time to dust off your dancing shoes and hunt down that perfect dress for the occasion. And when you need some accessories to go with that outfit, look no further than the elegant new designs in our project gallery! Here are just a few of the wedding-themed projects we’ve added for your beading inspiration:

Are you on Instagram? We are too! And we’d love to see what jewelry you’re creating for the bride or other members of a wedding party! Share pictures of your creations and tag them with #halcraft and #beadgallery!

Elaborate Elegance

Elaborate Elegance Bridal Ensemble made with Halcraft's Bead Gallery beads

Make a splash this wedding season with our Elaborate Elegance Collection. Designed by Mykeall Shepherd, this stunning mix of silver and seashell is both refined and earthy. Sophistication, in a nutshell, or should we say, seashell! Check out the Elaborate Elegance Collection – including necklace, earrings, and bracelet designs – in our Beading Project Gallery for downloadable material lists and instructions.

Beading Tutorial

Learn to Use a Trend Board to Design Jewelry

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