• Tutti Frutti Necklace
  • Peony Necklace
  • Indigo Necklace
  • Peony Punch Cuff Bracelet
  • Cyan Necklace

Brighten Up Your Summer with Colorful Jewelry

Brights, brights and more brights! We’re in the last month of summer – last chance to bust out those hot pink capris and colorful sundresses for some frolic in the sun. And what complements bright clothes? Bright jewelry! We’ve selected a few projects from our designers that you can create to accessorize for hot summer days and even hotter summer nights!

  • Katie Hacker designed the Peony Necklace for a Pretty Palettes Challenge earlier in the summer. Katie used frosted cat eyes and glass rounds in pinks and oranges to create this delectable necklace.
  • Molly Schaller’s Peony Punch Cuff was another design created for the same Pretty Palettes Challenge. Molly added in some metallic beads and quartzite rounds along with pink bamboo coral to punch up the sparkle in her cleverly constructed bracelet.
  • Denise Yezback Moore created a trio of bright bib necklaces that will complement a variety of summer frocks. Conjure visions of cool seaside breezes with Denise’s Indigo Necklace, featuring cool blue Czech glass beads. Or evoke childhood memories of summer carnival treats with her Tutti Frutti Necklace made from various stone, wood and glass beads. Or transport to the painted desert with her Cyan Necklace comprised of many shapes and sizes of beautiful turquoise beads.

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Elaborate Elegance

Elaborate Elegance Bridal Ensemble made with Halcraft's Bead Gallery beads

Make a splash this wedding season with our Elaborate Elegance Collection. Designed by Mykeall Shepherd, this stunning mix of silver and seashell is both refined and earthy. Sophistication, in a nutshell, or should we say, seashell! Check out the Elaborate Elegance Collection – including necklace, earrings, and bracelet designs – in our Beading Project Gallery for downloadable material lists and instructions.

Beading Tutorial

Learn to Use a Trend Board to Design Jewelry

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